By day Shannon Clayton is a self-employed electrical and mechanical engineer who installs automation systems for Amazon and other large distribution companies. He works long hours, often more than 80 a week and often weekends.  In his very little spare time he loves to ‘tinker’ and ride his motorbikes.

He became aware of Peaky Blinders around 2015. The first two series had aired but he hadn’t seen it.  Lots of people kept saying he looked like this character so after telling his family, they all watched the first two series on catch up.  The similarity was obvious and freaky.  He even had the hair cut, so it was kind of uncanny.  Shannon had had the ‘gypsy hair cut’ as he put it, for ages. All that was needed was a shave as he did have some facial hair.  Everyone said he could be and should try for lookalike work.

At the time he was not interested at all, he couldn’t believe people would pay for him to turn up for events.   In 2016 due to his mothers work connections and pressure from her and everyone, he went on this filming location tour run by Brit Movie Tours.  The staff at Arley Hall (Tommy’s mansion) thought the likeness was incredible and they took a shine to him straight away.  All the other people on tour thanked us for being there as they said it made the tour even better. It was the response from all the people on that tour at all the locations that made him realise he could do lookalike work. He released he was making people happy just for being there which felt good.  His mother was promoting that Peaky Blinders location tour so used the images to write a post about it. This is when the enquiries first started to come in.  He also went on another location tour and was filmed for a promo video for the tour.  You can see the all the videos he has featured in here.  Brit Movie Tours is now working in partnership with the creators of Peaky Blinders with its Peaky Blinder Tours.

It took his family a good year or so to convince him to work as a lookalike.  The show was just getting bigger and bigger so it was around early 2018 that he agreed to let his mum manage him and she set up this website. Since then Shannon has done many events, each reluctantly, but always professional.  Arley Hall  now recommend him for events.  He has appeared at promotional events and weddings as well as charity and evening events. He finds it all a bit ‘cringe’ as he puts it and isn’t a big fan of dressing up and going out.  He prefers to be paid for his skills in engineering.  But he does enjoy the events once he gets there.  Money talks with Shannon, so unless he is getting paid the same or more as he does his day job he isn’t interested.   However, if its for charity and in the Midlands by he may drop his fees.  He prefers to stage a sort of show so there is some sort of acting involved. He has plenty of ideas and can get extras on board.  But he will just turn up and be there for photos if just that is required.  He is very professional and takes it as serious as he does his day job.  You will find him charming and charismatic and the girls just love him.   He has only ever had great reviews which can be seen on social and google.