Everyone agrees Shannon looks more like the character Tommy in real life.  There are certain angles where he really looks like Tommy.  Plus as he finds all this attention a bit ‘cringe’ as he puts it,  he often turns up to events reluctantly and his disdain helps him look and act the part.  People are blown away when they see him and hear his natural Midland accent.  His charisma and likable personality makes him a hit whoever he goes, whether dressed as Tommy or not.

The best pictures we have got so far are on this page:


Thomas Shelby LookalikePeakyBlindersShannonClayton

Tommy Alfie Arthur Lookalike


Peaky Blinders Tommy Shelby Lookalike
The Real Tommy Shelby
Peaky Blinders Tommy Shelby Lookalike

Thomas Shelby Lookalike ArleyHall
Shannon Clayton Thomas Shelby Lookalike
Shannon Outside Mansion Tommy Shelby Lookalike
The Real Tommy Shelby

TheReal Tommy Shelby At Camden TownShannonBeingFilmedAtTommysMansion


Shannon Clayton As Tommy Shelby