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Arley Hall Peaky Blinders Themed Wedding

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending a few hours at the wedding of Mr and Mrs Sutton at my gaff!  I was a surprise for the guests and was there to keep order.  As usual everyone wanted pictures taken of me which I obliged.  My ‘mumager’ (mum/manager) came along and enjoyed looking around…

Speakeasy Blinders Coventry

Over the weekend myself and the Speakeasy Blinders team were at Coventry. I really enjoyed it. Thanks Coventry.

Speakeasy Blinders Nottingham

Speakeasy Blinders Nottingham last weekend was another great success.  Thanks Nottingham, it was a blast. Here are some pictures from the event:

Leicester Speakeasy Blinders Pop Up Bar

Shannon made his debut at Speakeasy Blinders pop up bar in Leicester last weekend. Guests were told to meet at a bar and then all were taken to a secret location.  The night was a huge success and the ineractive acting with the guests and other actors was brilliant. There was a horse race, fight scenes…